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Civil Engineering

Historically, the duties of a Civil Engineer had been to design basic installations such as drainage facilities, roadways and bridges. In recent years, projects have evolved to include a broader range of issues related to the development of society’s infrastructure. Many conventional civil engineering projects are still undertaken by municipal governmental entities, but they have become more complex in today’s regulatory environment. Private, commercial and residential development involve a broad range of infrastructure improvements, including, sanitary sewer systems, potable water systems, roadways, stormwater and water quality protection systems, and pedestrian facilities, etc. The role of a civil engineer is to provide efficient design of infrastructure systems, which serve the needs of the community and protect the public health, safety and welfare. The professional staff at MH&E provides a broad spectrum of civil engineering services including the following:

  • Potable Water System Design
  • Commercial Site Development
  • Wastewater Facilities Design
  • Planning Board Consultation
  • Real Property Subdivision
  • Storm water Management
  • Roadway Design
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Construction Oversight
  • Feasibility Studies


While civil engineering projects may be summarized in terms such as those above, every project is unique in that each client’s needs and circumstances are never the same. Therefore, it is necessary for the civil engineer to provide individualized solutions, addressing the specific needs of a client.