About mhe


In 1978, the firm of McGoey and Hauser began with the philosophy of providing a comprehensive range of high-quality engineering services to governmental, municipal and private sector clients in Orange County N.Y. and surrounding areas. The firm’s desire was to provide the necessary engineering services to address all aspects and disciplines of a particular project, thereby, streamlining the project schedule, saving clients valuable time and limiting project costs. Inherent to this multi-disciplined structure is the ability to draw from a broad base of technical experience and provide clients with comprehensive solutions and answers to questions that may arise during the day-to-day operations of their municipality or business.

Mark J. Edsall, P.E. joined the firm in 1985, bringing with him extensive experience in wastewater treatment and construction management.  In 1988, Mark became a principal and the firm assumed the name of McGoey, Hauser and Edsall Consulting Engineers, D.P.C.  McGoey, Hauser and Edsall Consulting Engineers,  D.P.C.’s growth continued with the addition of the Structural Engineering Department in 2001, and the addition of the Architectural Department in 2016.  Both departments have greatly enhanced the comprehensive services provided by the firm to our clients.  

In 2014, the firm underwent an internal ownership transfer with Dick McGoey and Bill Hauser relinquishing ownership responsibilities to existing principal, Mark Edsall, P.E., and three of the firm’s existing employees, Michael Weeks, P.E., Michael Lamoreaux, P.E., and Patrick Hines.  The Firm’s principals continue to provide leadership to all MHE staff, encouraging client relationships in a professional and friendly manner. Most recently, the firm, which had been commonly referenced as MHE, formally changed its business name to MHE Engineering, D.P.C., heralding in a new era for the firm.


Municipal, commercial and residential projects have complex regulatory requirements involving environmental, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. Thorough knowledge and expertise of these disciplines is imperative to insure successful planning and completion of a project.

MHE Engineering, D.P.C. has developed a staff with a broad range of education and experience in order to maintain the founding philosophy of providing individualized, comprehensive engineering services to suit the needs of its governmental, municipal and private sector clients in Orange County N.Y. and surrounding areas.