Butternut Slopes

New Windsor, NY

Project Details

Client: Town of New Windsor, NY

During Hurricane Irene, sustained torrential rainfall caused flooding in the Moodna Creek, creating a failure of embankment material adjacent to the Butterhill Estates neighborhood. Specifically, the failure occurred along Butternut Drive, a 22 ft. wide paved road owned and maintained by the Town of New Windsor.

As a result of concentrated erosion, the slope lost lateral support and collapsed into the creek bed. The creek shifted approximately 100 feet northwest from its original position.  A section of Butternut Drive measuring approximately 200 feet long collapsed into the creek bed.

The scope of work for the repair and bank stabilization consists of a geosynthetically reinforced rip-rap buttress up to the 100 year base flood elevation, a geosynthetically reinforced vegetative slope from the 100 year flood elevation up to the edge of the reconstructed road way. Additionally, stream barbs were installed along the base of the restored embankment.